Jet Propulsion Laboratory - Artificial Intelligence

Room 404B Session 2
Presenters: Gene Perry and Dennis Schnell, Enterprise Application Engineers
What is the sound of Artificial Intelligence (AI) haggling with itself? What sound does AI make when it haggles with another AI bot running the same program? Are they speaking the same language? And for that matter, are WE speaking the same language? Our society is on the verge of a time when there is more information being created by AI than by humans – so what comes next for us and what comes for AI?
Enterprise Application Engineers Gene Perry and Dennis Schnell of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory will give us an Information Technology insider’s perspective on AI. They’ll talk through a brief history of AI, some pioneers in the field of AI and what we can make of how both the media and Hollywood spin it. In the age of self-driving cars, super neural networks and machine learning, let’s see what common ground we share, how AI can offer humans value and how we can teach it to embrace values that best embody the human spirit.

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